July 21, 2006

The Orientation

We went today and spent the day at the Gladney Center. It is a beautiful building and everyone we met was so wonderful. Three of the girls that are staying there at the center met with us and we were able to ask them a few questions about their thoughts and feelings through the process. The girls had already been "matched" with their baby's new family, but they were extremely helpful to us, helping us understand the process and what they are going through.

One thing that we did find out was that we have a new mountain of paperwork to weed through and information to find - like our birth and marriage certificates. We also learned that from the time we are matched to the time we will have our new baby home will only be about a month. Pretty quick turn-around for one of the queens of planning. We're excited to move forward and get our paperwork completed and turned back into Gladney. From there, they will log us into the system (takes about a month), then send a social worker out to meet us and tour our home. We'll also need to take a lot of classes to be ready for the child - a requirement for us through Gladney, but probably a good idea for all!

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