March 01, 2007

Court Recap

Court went well yesterday and they will bring Ethan to us today at 10:30. We are excited, but still a little apprehensive about the recheck in 8-months. We know this little boy is in God's hands and we are having to learn to have tremendous trust in him. We are exhausted! Court was really long - but we can't wait until 10:30 today... I will post pictures as soon as I can!

Thank you all for the many prayers and love and support. We felt it in court yesterday and continue to feel that we are being lifted up. We can't wait for you all to meet Ethan!

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Tiffany Harrison said...

Heath & Britney - I am SO excited for you guys! I hope all went well today, I can hardly wait to see some pictures! We will be praying for you & Ethan. I hope he sleeps well for you :-).