March 26, 2007

Update and so sorry so long!

Hello all - so sorry that it's been so long since we've updated, but such is the joy of motherhood! I will admit, the first week and a half were hard, we were all sick and just couldn't get our schedule or our bearings! But the last couple of weeks have been completely amazing! Ethan is growing and learning new things everyday. He's completely thriving under the love that he receives from all around.

We're still not sure of the final outcome with Ethan, but know in our hearts that God has an amazing plan for us and we are going to trust him and learn. Ethan has already brought us so much. Watching him learn is a complete joy to us! He's pulling up to crawl and scotting around pretty well. He's sitting pretty steady and babbling up a storm! He's learning to pick up blocks and put them into containers and smiles and laughs constantly.

Ethan's birth parents have a court date tomorrow, so please continue prayers for the situation. We have the full support of Ethan's maternal grandmother and the rest of the family, but with his birth parents fighing parental temination, everything is up in the air for a final. We're hoping to get it all completely settled by Ethan's first birthday, 9/2/07 and plan on having quite the party to celebrate all of the amazing milestones in his life.

We couldn't have asked for a happier, healthier child. His past is behind him now and he seems to have opened up completely, knowing that he is safe and secure in our homes and in our arms. He has taught us what love is, what it means to fully give yourself for someone else and for that we couldn't be more thankful.

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BLC said...

Cutest lil' family ever!:)