August 17, 2007

Almost six months!

Ethan Stone Chambers has been home with us for almost six months! Can you believe it? Honestly, I really don't remember life before E, but I know for sure we now could never live life without him!

Here's a chronological look back at how much he's grown during the time he's been home. The first picture that pops up is from the day he arrived and the last is from last weekend. Some are repeats to those posted on the blog, but these are some of our favorite pics/memories since we've been Mommy and Daddy!

In other news, today is our 5-year anniversary. I'm am so blessed to have spent the last five years with such an amazing man and so excited to get to spend many years together in the future. I love you babe!


Mrs. Bick said...

I love it! It is amazing to think that your life, and Ethan's have been so blessed by the presence of the other.

ASC said...

Happy Anniversary, friend! It's hard to believe that E has been with you "so long" a way it seems like he just got here, and in a way it seems like you've had him forever....believe me, we know! :-)