August 07, 2007

Four missed visits

We are now up to four missed visits and are really hoping that the trend will continue. Ethan seems to be overwhelmingly happy and sleeping better since the visits stopped. A constant reminder of a troubled past can't be good for anyone, so I'm sure we're now seeing the benefits of the reminder being removed.

The case worker and bio mom's lawyer have not been in contact with bio mom for about a month. I'm checking with lawyers on the ramifications of her not showing up and possibly missing our next court date - she missed the last one.

All this to say that we are doing good and staying BUSY! Ethan starts Mother's Day Out on August 27th, which I'm looking forward to and dreading at the same time. Not to mention a big birthday coming up - is my little boy really almost one? I can't even boil that down to a point I understand!

Speaking of boiling, here's a link for free coffee. If you are anything like me, you NEED this stuff in the morning!

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ASC said...

Hooray for the power of coffee and tea! I never appreciated the stuff as much as I do now that I am a mom! I just thought I was tired before! :-)