September 05, 2007

What! No more cake?

In true family fashion, we have stretched E's birthday to the breaking point. He enjoyed fun time at the lake on the "real day" and we spent the week having sweets in celebration leading up to Sept. 2. So, maybe I used the week as an excuse to eat more sugar? Who wouldn't?

Here's a chocolate cake-face picture!

Picture courtesy of our neighbor Amanda, who completely pulled through for us on E's b-day because I forgot to pack my camera. I know, I know, bad mommy!

E is having an absolute blast with his birthday presents. We've been playing non-stop and learning lots of new things. Our dear friends the Crawfords gave Ethan a pair of Spiderman PJs that he refuses to take off - probably because his Dad made a huge deal about how cool they were. Daddy had more fun opening E's presents. After opening each one, he said "Oh, WE'VE been wanting this!" Silly guy thought it was his birthday! E's happy to share with his most favorite person in the world, so it's all going to work out just fine!

Here's E in his spidy PJs from this morning. He had to take them off to go to school - big bummer!

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ASC said...

Hooray for cake! Hooray for presents! Hooray for Spiderman! It's great to be a little kid! :-)