October 01, 2007

Adoption Vacation

We are officially back from vacation and official on the adoption home front! It should take about 6 weeks to get all of the paperwork signed off on by the state, but at that point we'll receive a new birth certificate and SS card with E's official name change! Ethan Stone Chambers... We're overjoyed!

The only catch in the whole process was that we did have to extend visits to Ethan Stone's bio mom - 4 over the next year. This was a real struggle for us, but it meant not having to go to trial and moving on with our lives. Since she had weekly visits for the last 6 months and didn't show up for the last three, I'm sure attendance won't be stellar, but I will be glad when they are over. It's been a long haul!

Back to the good stuff... vacation at the Flying L Ranch was boat loads of fun! We went with our neighbor's and their daughter Elana had a blast. The kids played in the brand new waterpark, fed horses and even rode a pony! Fun stuff!

Here are some photos from the trip:

Ethan Stone and Elana as Cowpokes!

E wearing Daddy's old swimsuit - I guess speedos were in in the '80s?

Daddy helps Ethan Stone feed the horse - E pet, while Daddy fed.

Hope you guys are all having a great week. We praise God for each one of you every day - we couldn't have made it through this process without you and are so thankful to have you all in our lives...

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