October 29, 2007

Halloween Time!

Ethan Stone had his first school carnival this weekend and had fun until he fell asleep halfway through. It makes you really tired to bounce in a bounce house and try to keep up with big kids! He went as a lion to this affair, courtesy of our neighbor Oliver. Oliver wore the lion last year and let us borrow it for this year's celebrations. Our friend Elizabeth showed up with her mom and dad. She was a beautiful pink fairy.

We hit two big milestones this week. First was a not so fun one. As you can probably see in the picture above, E fell face first into the entertainment center on Thursday and put a big cut on his face. Dad did a great job of staying calm, Mom completely freaked out! The second milestone is a lot sweeter, Ethan Stone gave his first hug! Our neighbor Elana stopped over yesterday to say hi and gave E a hug goodbye. As she was walking off, E ran over to her and leaned in for another hug. Too sweet!

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ASC said...

I love E's blowing kisses - the sound effects are the best! Great to see you guys TWICE last week! What a treat! :-)