November 15, 2007 far

November so far has been an insanely busy month for us. I took on a side project with Deion Sanders and his non-profit organization SandersClaus. It was a bit more than I anticipated (isn't is always?), but everything went really well. Through the event, a woman who lost her home and children in the Gainesville flooding was given a new home to start a new life. The coverage can be seen at It's a powerful story!

In Ethan-Stone news, I've decided to buy him a helmet. The kid bonks his head on the tile floor on a daily basis and I see no other way! He's still loving school and at parent involvement day today he made a placemat for Tuesday's Thanksgiving feast. Heath and I are amazed by him daily. He's saying more and clapping his hands now, much to his delight. He also screams for "nanas" (banannas) and loves to be outside. We try to get in lots of walks and time outside. We have a great park down the street that he loves to hang out at and, when he's not eating the rocks, enjoys going down the slide and climbing the stairs.

On cooler or rainy days, he enjoys playing at the mall. They have a soft play area that has breakfast foods to climb on. Here he is in the coffee cup...

I'm really looking forward to next week. E's out of school on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, with only a half-day on Tuesday. After all the long hours at the beginning of this month, this will be much welcome time spent together! Happy Thanksgiving!

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