September 26, 2009

What 'cha wanna be?

We like to encourage our kids to do what they like, and hope that someday those likes will extend to job opportunities and a way for them to feel successful. I really don't care if they want to be a garbage man or a doctor (both deal with icky things anyway) as long as they are happy doing it.

As the boys get older, we see specific talents and attributes develop in each one of them. It's so much fun to watch them unfold into the little guys that God is calling them to be.

Stone's ability to distinguish certain tastes and smells makes him an excellent product tester. If only Gluten Free/Casein Free meant healthy... we'll have to work on that!Holden is quite the bookworm. He likes to (literally) surround himself with books and is happy for hours if you sit and read to him. Future writer, editor?

Cash just might fall into the product testing category as well, however, he possesses a specialized set of skills... durability testing for the toddler set. I don't have any pictures to show off his amazing ability because his methods are top secret (read, usually done while mommy isn't looking). Today, I did find him in the bath tub with the water running and all his clothes on... does anyone know of a clothed bathtub man position? I didn't think so!


Anna said...

With his smile, cash should be in sales, or politics! Who could turn him down?

Tammy Stone said...

No matter what they decide to be when they grow up. They will be 3 amazing men because of the love and support they received from you and Heath.