October 28, 2009

Let's Go Krogering - 10/28/09

I did awesome at Kroger this week with my new hobby, couponing! (don't laugh, it's a hobby, I had a good, unbiased friend verify - thank you Christie) Here's my loot for the week... all for a grand total of $45! But wait, there's more... I got $7 in rebates, so that's really $38! Wow!

Here's the rundown:

The big bucks were spent on five pounds of ground beef ($9.76), but using Kroger's new "meal deal," this purchase got me free diced onions, free taco mix, free tomato sauce, a free box of rice and a free baguette. My other large ticket item was the six bags of Steamfresh meals. Normally priced at $7.65, I scooped these up for $2.50 each ($15 total). These are great to have on-hand for the nights when you forget to defrost your meat.

The rest of my purchase was: four boxes of Ziplock bags (two quart, two gallon), a box of Taquitos, two bags of frozen veggies, Kotex pads, nine cans of chili, Hormel natural turkey slices, two containers of fresh-made salsa, a box of fruit snacks (Scooby Doo if you must know), turkey peperoni, Dole fruit cups, Carnation evaporated milk, a can of pineapple, a bag of Chex mix and a pouch of Albacore tuna. If you take out the bigger ticket items, that means all of the above was purchased for less than $14. Good days at Kroger!

My Walgreens and CVS lists for this week aren't panning out to be great, but I'm still going to make a run to Walgreens tomorrow to purchase a few good deals and use my register rewards before they expire. You can find your lists too, just go here and scroll through to find the stores that interest you, then start collecting your coupons. Even if you don't plan to use them, collect your coupons... and hand them to me!


Those Dandy Dillards said...

We got the Scooby Doo fruit snacks too. Oliver really wanted the Cars ones. I told him no... mommy didn't have a coupon for those. I don't think he got it. Yet...

hadassahrose said...

Hey, just found your blog through Kylee's.

I love bargain shopping! I'm excited for your great deals. (But unfortunately we don't have Kroger here.)


TeamBortzfield said...

So interested in being coupon-y I'm just not sure where to start. Looking forward to more Brit Tips!

Mie said...

I can see we will be good friends! We have so much in common. I've been an avid "Couponer" for probably 18 months now...things have slowed down for me because I really haven't had time to shop let alone get the newspaper and all, but I'm right there with you. My sister and I shoot for at least 50% savings.

By the way...if you think I'm stalking you I'm not :) Many of us in the class have a blog (look to my page for most of them). But, oddly enough, that's not where I found you. My cousin sent you a link to your page thinking I'd be interested as we have similar stories. Apparently you went to one of her piggies & paws shows...that woman (Candice) is my cousin...crazy huh? Our sons are 2 days apart. Anyway...small world. When I finally looked at the link today it was so weird to see your picture there. Happy couponing :)