February 01, 2010

Quick Holden Update

I tried to be all cutesy and get pictures of Holden in his spaghetti head gear while he underwent his EEG, but alas, I'm not that crafty.  Well, actually I am that crafty, just not smart enough to get the pictures off my phone and into the computer.  A techie I am not...

Holden's EEG came back perfect.  They were unable to induce a seizure and his sleep levels were stable.  Our consult with the pediatric neurologist went well.  We have decided to forgo daily management medicine for now (exactly what I wanted), but we were written a prescription for an emergency medicine to help if he goes into a prolonged (longer than five minute) seizure.  We were also cleared from rushing to the emergency room for each seizure, as long as the seizures look the same as they have been.  That's a huge relief!

We are, however, doing a bit more investigating.  I've noticed for a while that Holden's soft spot has yet to fully close.  In fact, it's still rather large.  We walked through it with our general pediatrician at his one-year check-up and were waiting until his 18-month check-up to fully investigate.  Since we were already at the neurologist, and had paid our ridiculous specialist co-pay I brought it up.  This sent up a few red flags that we want to check out through an MRI, and also through blood work to rule out a thyroid issue.

So, we'll get that scheduled in the next few weeks.  For now, we are feeling good about the situation and ever-grateful for our amazingly healthy children and comprehensive insurance.  You think I'm joking about that last part?  No way, we would have already lost our house without it!


Tammy Stone said...

I thank God for the answered prayers for Holden. I will continue to pray for a good result from the MRI. He is a special little boy as is Stone and Cash. They also have amazing parents.
Aunt Tammy

Anna said...

I just noticed the new "messes" you're cleaning. Fun to read about, but I'm sure not to take care of! :) Glad to hear that the seizures at least are somewhat under "control." (for lack of a better way to describe it.) I'll pray for the doctors to have God's wisdom and discernment!