February 12, 2010

Snow Fun!

Just in case you missed it from my previous posts, we live in Texas.  You know, where it's hot and sunny and 100 degrees above zero the majority of the time?

Well, not recently... We've had three snows this year and they've gotten better each time.  Usually Texas snow consists of slushy, icy stuff that doesn't do much but mess up traffic, but this?  This was real snow!

Unfortunately, we aren't totally outfitted to weather such wonderful white stuff, so Holden had to be rigged for snow play.  No worries, he'll have snow boots (rain boots) next year, when Cash grows out of his!

Lack of proper footwear did little to slow this guy down.  He had a blast playing in the snow and throwing snowballs at his daddy.

Cash loved the snow too!  And his new rain boots were perfect for keeping his little feet dry!

We bought this precious hat and glove set for Stone when we went skiing a couple of years ago.  It's still one of the cutest things we own!  Cash made good use of the mittens helping daddy build a snowman.

Daddy's motto, as always, "go big or go home."  Frosty didn't last too long because he was a bit top heavy, but he was a pretty cool friend to build.

Here's me telling the neighbor that we're building the snowman "really big."  Also seen here, a rare glimpse of  Stone in the snow.  He wasn't much of a fan, but he was there!

Daddy tried to rebuild Frosty after he was decapitated, but to no avail....

We had an awesome time pretending to live in a snow globe!  I hope the boys understand that this isn't normal, in fact it's almost double the record of snow fall for our area, ever!


Tammy Stone said...

Very cute snow babies!

ASC said...

Our E doesn't understand that this is not normal! She first asked if it was Christmas again (very perceptive!) then asked if we could do this every Friday.....um, no....probably not. And, for the record, I must say that I respect moms who DO deal with this all of the time. All of the in-and-out, snowy, muddy floors and wet boots and coats and mittens and wet, chapped little girl skin etc etc is something we are not used to!