March 09, 2010

Tot School Tuesday

I can't even begin to tell you how much fun we had celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday in Tot School this week!

We, of course, had green eggs and ham, but also made a hat pizza - fun addition that I happened to run across in a parenting magazine  - which, as you know, I don't read too often, so it was a miracle find!

The boys devoured the pizza.  I used this gluten free crust recipe, which turned out super yummy, and we used a monster tomato I found at the farmer's market to make the red stripes.

I've been working with the little boys on color matching activities.  I used a set of flash cards and some pieces from our shape sorter set to set the game up.  The boys loved it and it cost me nothing, which is always good!

Daddy helped the boys make The Cat in the Hat  hats while they were in the tub - big hit!

Stone has been working on his lower case letters.  We pulled out the magnetic letters  and matched the little letters with their big counterparts.  For a first try on this, he did really well.  I think it has little to do with my teaching and a lot to do with his Super Why obsession!

We love this boxed set and visit the books often, even when it's not Dr. Seuss week.  The boys had a blast visiting some of their favorite stories this week.

I promise to update the materials in the left  banner soon, but in the meantime the links included above should give you access to all of the tools we used this week.


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Cute bath pictures :)