March 23, 2010

Tot School Tuesday

Tot School was on spring break last week, but that doesn't mean that we let the learning slide... we're always learning around here...

There was lots of snuggling with daddy because our schedule was super-lax.  Daddy loves snuggling his boys!

Super-lax even included some eating in bed after naptime - eating which quickly turned into a smash-and-grab   with our friend Analeigh.

Stone worked with Nanny on some speech therapy in the mirror.  Of course, he had a blast... anything with Nanny is fun!

There was lots of cooking.  We love cooking and there are so many learning opportunities to be had in the experience - measuring, taking turns, fine and gross motor skill tuning.

We took some time out to head to the zoo.  The boys love the water there, it's so fun to splash and the weather was perfect!

We ended the week with a trip to Grand Lake and had a blast hanging out with our neighbors, sledding and exploring.

We're back to regularly scheduled Tot School learning this week, so stay tuned!


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JodyB said...

aww. its the first time I have ever "met" another Analeigh, even if we spell it differently!

Looks like fun times!