March 30, 2010

Tot School Tuesday

We had some sensory table fun this week digging for dinos hidden in rice.  Stone is not so much of a sensory kid, so this is a great activity for him, Cash and Holden are all over sensory activities, so they dove in with both feet...
Cash literally dove in with both feet... This reminds me of a sandy beach!
We had tons of fun with our new PlayDough set.  My kids love PlayDough, especially the spaghetti maker!
We love bath paints!  I recently found a Crayola brand discontinued set on the Target discount aisle.  I wish I would have stocked up because these are perfect for color mixing and name writing.  Stone can now spell his name!  This is one proud mamma!
I received a compass after speaking at an event and Stone has already spent hours figuring out which way to go.  "N or S, mamma?"

I promise Tot School will be a bit more scheduled and organized in the following weeks.  This time change is still making me a bit crazy!


ASC said...
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ASC said...

Where did you get your step stool? I love the size of that one! (And it doubles as a rice/dino container!)

Allison said...

Nice! Way to go Stone. I'd be one proud mama too.

Rebecca said...

I like the pic of them all sitting outside playing play-doh. Its very cute :) And what a great idea to play with it outside in the sunshine.