April 30, 2010

Good Eats Thursday

Wait, it's Friday?  Hmmm...

So here's what's on the menu this week:

Monday:  Meatloaf with asparagus
Tuesday:  Neighbor Dinner
Wednesday:  Spinach Pizza Dinner with Daddy while Mommy is at a Teen MOPS meeting
Thursday:  Spaghetti Carbonara with broccoli
Friday: Parent's Night Out at church
Saturday: Goulash with salad
Sunday:  Chicken Poppy Seed with corn

You can find your shopping list for the week here and a list of recipes here.

There will be no Freebie Friday post this week.  The deals weren't super-great, so I've opted to hold my vouchers until next week.  We'll see if it was worth the gamble!

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