April 23, 2010

We've had a lot going on!

Sorry to start  a  series like Good Eats Thursday and then leave you hanging... even worse, I announced a give-away and never gave away.  I know there was mass mutiny, I even heard about some picketing in the streets.  Please don't flash-mob my house or anything, we've just had a lot going on!

So, here's the rundown, in bullet form because how else do you get a lot of unrelated info out quickly?

-  Cash had his tonsils and adenoids removed and is recovering well from the surgery.  He's already been able to re-train himself to breathe through his nose, which is quite an amazing feat!
-  We've done some unorganized Tot School things here and there, but have been remiss on doing anything too scheduled.  Don't expect a Tot School post this week, as we're still trying to recover, but we'll get back to the regular program after that.
-  Did you like Good Eats Thursday?  I didn't get much feedback, so let me know what you think!  I'll continue to share our meal plans with you beginning next week.  We've had several people bring meals by to us for Cash's surgery, so we're eating from that and some random left-overs.
-  The winner of the T-shirt is Anna!  Anna, I'll shoot you and e-mail to get a size and we'll get it in the mail to you.  If you didn't win but still want a shirt, don't forget to visit this blog.
-  I did do some Freebie Friday shopping and hit up CVS and Walgreens.  I know I spent $1.50, but for the life of me I can't remember what all I got and can't find my receipt.  I'm sure it was all great stuff!


ASC said...

Girl, I printed a lot of your recipes and we tried the Thai chicken. LOVED IT! So easy and so good. From that dish alone, E has finally decided that she adores peanut butter .... took her long enough!

Anna said...

I won? Woo hoo! I'm one of those "never wins anything" types. :) Fun stuffs. Also, we need to get together! How are your fridays?