May 13, 2010

Good Eats Thursday

I have a little secret.... I like to hoard money.  I say hoard, that's probably not really the right word... we tithe, we give to others.  Maybe save? I like to save money.  I'm not talking about saving money at the grocery store, although that is fun too, but saving money in the bank.  Having a "pad" so to speak.

It all started with Dave Ramsey.  If you don't know who he is, I suggest you go here now.  Through the program we were tasked to come up with emergency savings and long-term savings, which we did.  The program also teaches you to budget with cash in certain categories.  I hate taking money out of those envelopes!  The food one doesn't bother me as much, since you know, we have to eat.  But the others... car care, home maintenance, health care, etc.  I like to keep that money in there!

So, when at all possible, I steal from my food category to cover expenses.  That brings me to why this little rant is located in a Good Eats Thursday post... ahem.  You see, Cash's recent surgery caused us some extra expense in the health care area.  I have plenty of money in the health care envelope, but wouldn't it be more fun to try to eat out of the pantry and save and see if I could cover it that way?  I know, Heath thinks I have a sick sense of fun as well.

I did a quick trip this morning to Target and spent $50.  I needed some fruits and breakfast items mostly, but also got some grated cheese and sides.  Other than that, I think we can eat for the next two weeks for free.  Yes, free!

So, here's what we're cooking:  Tacos (2), quiche (2), hamburgers, PB chicken (2), tamales (2), baked pasta,  spaghetti carbonara, roast (2), baked potatoes, Steamfresh pasta steamers, sweet and sour chicken.

The ones with (2) after means I have enough for two "meals".  Each "meal" usually provides us with left-overs as well.  I know it's not super exciting, but it's a fun challenge!  I did sock an extra $50 away to restock on fruits and other filler items we may need through the month.  Other than that, the rest of my grocery budget pays Cash's surgery bill and they medical money can continue to build for another rainy day!  Score!

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Anna said...

We've done a lot of creative eating since Adam got here and I don't go to the store as much. I've actually considered eating chicken and red meat again because of how much easier it would make cooking and meal planning!