May 04, 2010

Tot School Tuesday

Our Tot School theme this week was a continuation of spring with a focus on picnics.  We did a lot of outdoor eating this week - at the park, at the church, at the shopping mall, at our house... you name it, we ate there!

The kids worked a lot on their puzzles this week.  We didn't necessarily do any that were picnic themed, but this is something that they have a bunch of fun doing right now so we spend a lot of time doing them!  Stone and Cash are very self-sufficient with the puzzles, while Holden and Analeigh can get them in the right spots but don't quite have the fine motor skills yet to wiggle them into place.

We made some tulip crafts this week and sang this great song while gluing and painting our artwork.

Nanny bought the kids these super-cool planting kits at Lowes.  They are Sesame Street themed and came with lots of stickers, which did a great job of holding the kids interest.  Some great girls from church stopped by to help us plant.  Fun!

As always, we pulled out the dot painters and worked on our letters.  This week, K was for kite!

We also worked our fine motor skills gluing clouds (cotton balls) onto our kite paintings.  All-in-all it was a great week!   We're gearing up for our new curriculum, so stay tuned!  One more week of mommy-made projects and then we're on to the good stuff for the summer!

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Anna said...

Tot School looks like tons of fun! Also, it seems like Holden's hair is lighter in some of these photos. Is it just the lighting, or does it lighten with sun exposure? (mine does!)