June 03, 2010

Fossil Rim

Our last hurrah of the long weekend was a trip to Fossil Rim.  NiNi and Pop drove down to go with us, which was a special treat since Pop has been on several safaris in Africa and knew all of the animals.  We were immediately greeted by giraffes, who ate out of our hands!  

Some wildebeests stopped by and told Holden "hi."  All of the boys were into watching and feeding the animals.  Sometimes Cash gets a bit shy around animals and lots of people, but he really enjoyed himself and even fed a lot of the animals!

Most of the animals at Fossil Rim are exotic, but you can't enclose a bunch of acreage in Texas and not take in some deer.  In this case, some very friendly deer.

Our last stop was the zebra area.  How awesome is it to see a zebra up close?  You can't feed them out of your hand... they are quite snappy. One even chomped off a giraffe's tail.  Ouch!

Now we're off to unpack, launder and repack our bags.  We're headed out to our yearly trip to the coast with Nanny and Grandaddy.  This is the life!

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