June 30, 2010

The start of lake house season

In the summer, we spend ever moment we can at the lake house.  There isn't a phone, cable or internet - and that's just perfect!  Cash likes to make sure that he's well-prepared, so he dressed in full lake apparel!

When we're at the lake, we eat outside.  Such a fun simple pleasure!

You have to stay well hydrated in the hot sun at the lake.  But that's a tall order when your daddy won't stop tickling you!

This is Cash's new "what?" face.  I don't love it, but had to capture it on film.

Even at the lake, with the "big water" at our disposal, the "little water" still reigns supreme.

This little one has this guy wrapped around her finger...hopefully she won't be able to get away with everything when she's a teenager!  Yipes! (but super cute!)

We're already getting ourselves ready to head back to the lake for the 4th, so expect lots of good pictures!  What are your plans for the 4th?  Do they involve lots of sun?  If so, go here to score a free Coppertone Waterbabies gift pack.  We're always trying to save around here!


kelli wetsel said...

SO cute,love those pictures!

StarfishMom said...


Anna said...

Great pictures of Lake House Life. Looks like lots of fun in the sun. I remember that we had a picnic table outside as a kid and it always seemed like such a TREAT to eat outside.

Our fourth involves a trip down to see my 97 year old grandfather and have him meet Adam. First road trip!