July 02, 2010

Freebie Friday - in the Blueberry Patch

Many of you know that we get our veggies from a local CSA, so why not grab our blueberries straight from the bush?
And, at less than $1 a pound, you don't even have to hide in the bushes to eat them... although, if you are as cute as Analeigh, it's just fine!
All of the kids had a blast running through the bushes.  It made our job as parents super easy... lots of running and a snack ready for you at every corner?  What kid wouldn't be in heaven?
Some of these cuties did manage to get a few berries in the basket...
and some of the berries that made it in were dropped when the wild yahoos ran like the wind...
 But either way, it didn't matter.  We had fun and learned a ton!
And isn't that what it's all about?


Kylee said...

How fun! Our fam is a blueberry picking family too. Since before I was born, we've gone out to east texas almost every summer to stock up on fresh blueberries! I think we're going this weekend, actually.

Leslie said...

We went out there a couple of weeks ago. Love that place!