July 28, 2010

Tot School Tuesday - On the Road Again

Heath took a little bonus time off work on a whim, so we headed down to the lake house for an extended weekend 'o fun.  The littles had a blast learning how to kayak... no water yet, just a few land safety courses with Daddy.

Stone spent a ton of time chasing dragonflies.  He's never noticed them before but was obsessed with them this trip.  He found blue and green dragonflies, and they would let him get SO close that he could almost touch them.  He also found a "red dragonfly" that happened to be a hornet.  We told him to steer clear of the mean red ones in the future!

I love when Daddy can get into the Tot School action!  During naps, Daddy and Stone organized some sticky numbers (I don't know where my mom keeps finding these, but they are a current favorite!)  Then he worked independently to match the numbers to the page numbers in his coloring book.

Since we're at the lake a lot, we made a special Big Brother Box for nap time that stays there.  I instituted this recently at our house in the form of a Big Brother Drawer in the playroom.  He's only allowed to play with the toys in the drawer/box when the littles are sleeping.  This makes the toys super fun!

He also helped me make a double batch of homemade cracker jacks.  This recipe is so super yummy and a fun science experiment.  When you add the baking soda, the whole mixture foams up and fizzes.  This makes Stone giggle!  Please be warned that I (nor my sweet, precious friend Amy who supplied the recipe) can not be responsible for any weight gain you suffer as a result of this Tot School activity.

We built a new bed at the lake house... a toddler bed hand-me-down given to us by a friend.  Daddy had quite a bit of help on this project and was forced by Cash to perform the entire task while pretending to be a cow, a cow that apparently accepts riders.

I know this is a super blurry shot, but I was shooting with my camera phone so it was hard to capture the moment of pure bliss that came to be when the mattress was slapped on the bed and four littles tried to pile on... remember, I said TODDLER SIZED bed.  Definitely a lesson in space-planning to be had here!

All learners, of course, need a little down time.  Holden and Analeigh spent theirs on the hammock.  That was their favorite spot of the week!

Yet another lesson in space planning... fitting adult-sized floats in a kiddie sized pool... a little frustrating at times, but these guys worked through it!

Holden and Daddy spent some time on the potty.  He (and Analeigh too) wants SO badly to be potty trained, we just haven't worked out all of the mechanics yet!

And the biggest moment of the week?  Stone caught his first fish!  I don't know who was prouder, Daddy or son!

Look at those smiles!

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Anna said...

Goodness that looks super fun, exhausting, exciting, and relaxing. Thanks for sharing!