July 13, 2010

Tot School Tuesday

We've been keeping Tot School simple and low-key around here.  Summer turned out to be a bit more scheduled than I originally planned, so we're keeping the other things in life as un-scheduled as possible.  So what's keeping us so busy?  

The big boys are in summer school at their amazing speech therapy school... Stone goes five days/week and Cash goes two.  On Monday afternoons our family participates in play therapy at our home and then the little boys have gymnastics.  On Tuesday and Thursday afternoons the big boys both have private speech therapy at the house, back-to-back to each other.  Holden has enjoyed a "camp" for the last few weeks, going to his MDO program for a little bit in the morning.  I'm tired!

But, I can always make time for  learning!  

We were blessed to receive some amazing gifts from a good 11-year-old friend.  Sweet Clint cleaned out his closet and brought us some goodies.  Our favorite is the magnet set!

The "attraction" quality of magnets is quite mesmerizing.  The boys love just sticking and un-sticking the pieces.

Daddy showed Stone how magnets worked through some materials.  He spent a ton of time rolling the balls on the top of the shelf, using the magnet wand under the shelf to guide it through a little obstacle course.


Anna said...

As a fellow middle child, I love that Cash is both a Big Boy and a Little Boy. :-P

Stacy - WhoMovedMyCoffee.com said...

So fun! We love magnets too. One day, Emily took her magnetic letters all over the house and stuck them on anything magnetic she could find. Even after cleanup we were finding them for days! Faucets, door handles, speakers, appliances, etc. Fun!

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