July 20, 2010

We started our Letter of the Week curriculum this week, and had a total blast with it!  Stone is obsessed with letters, so this curriculum really speaks to him.  We started with the letter A, of course, but to keep it in context, I'm presenting the letters in the entire alphabet.

We're also working on our letters in the context of name recognition.  The kids really love these sticky letters and they are a great Tot School tool.  I spread them all out on the floor for them and helped them choose their needed letters from the alphabet, then we put their names out on the floor and spelled away.

Since we're working on the letter A, Stone helped us go through everyone's names to find all the A's.  Analeigh's name was perfect for this!

We sorted ants by size and worked on turn taking while doing it.

Then we worked with our Do-A-Dot markers.  The kids love their dot painters, so we'll do this with every letter we study.  This was the first time that Stone really kept his dots along the letter lines... he's really jumping forward on those fine motor skills!

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