August 20, 2010

Birthday Morning Traditions

We're big on traditions here at the Chambers house, but traditions don't have to be fancy...they just have to be special.  It's well documented that we like donuts around here.  Daddy even has a donut lady, who makes amazing birthday donuts every year for the  kids.  It's a super-fun tradition that we love sharing!

Here's Holden's birthday donut on his super special plate... you have to be quick to get a photo before it's eaten!
Of course, everyone got donuts and we ate them in our PJs... honestly, is there any other way?


Julie said...

I want a birthday donut!!! What a fun tradition!
Your kids are going to have some wonderful memories when they get older, and their wives are gonna have a tough act to follow to be the kind of mom that you are. ;)

Anna said...

I've never seen a custom donut like that - how awesome! Also, I want your son's hair. So beautiful. Can you still say that about a 2 year old boy? :-)

Mr. C said...

Happy belated to my dear nephew as well as my sweet Godson. A very merry unbirthday to my other lovable nephew as well. I will be sending gifts soon since the district has recently paid there teacher.

Unca Marc

Mr. C said...

Wait a tic. Mr. E's B-day is still coming up, isn't it? Time for Unca Marc to buy a calendar and start entering these dates in. Oh, a happy belated anniversary to you two as well. Ugh, I'm terrible at these.