August 04, 2010

Fiesta 500

It's my 500th post, so let's have a fiesta!

Invite some friends and I thought I'd let 'cha

Win a few of our favorite things

A potty seat and an amazing game

So push the ticker up to the sky

and the give-aways* begin.  Let's give it a try!

I'm so excited about this fun time with the blog.  Pretty soon, we'll have a lot more to celebrate, so I want to share the first bits with my loyal readers before it all gets too big!  Here's the scoop... publicize my blog on your blog, facebook or twitter to get as much traffic here as you can.  If the ticker hits 500 in a day (that's about double my usual daily readership), then I'll start giving away prizes.  Only those who have commented on the blog before are eligible to win.  To enter, just leave a comment on this post.

We'll have two prizes, which just so happen to be two of our favorite things (click on the photos below for more info and details):

Portable Travel Potty and Trainer SeatFive Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed Game

* This give-away is not sponsored, all prizes will be purchased by Living with Three Boys.


Anonymous said...

How exciting that you are at post 500! Boy has time flown. You'd think living right behind you that I would have a good idea what is going on over there but I always love catching up on what I missed while at work.

Anna said...

Wait, it says Living with Three Boys purchased the prizes... Are you making those guys work off the debt? :-P

Jessica Moss said...

Love Prizes!!

JodyB said...

Whoo hoo... 50 posts AND prizes! I knew there was a reason I thought you were "super fancy!"

JodyB said...

make that 500!

Paul and DeeDee said...

I am thinking that potty is a must have now that they are both potty trained!

Anonymous said...

I am curious just what Kristine has to say with this =D