August 19, 2010

Good Eats Thursday

School is about to start and this mommy HAS to get her act together!  We got a little off kilter with celebrating birthdays and anniversaries this last week (I forgot to take that into account in my menu planning), so you'll see some repeats from last week... i.e. things we need to make and eat up before the ingredients that I've already purchased go bad!

Monday:  Parmesan Pasta Skillet
Tuesday: Neighbor dinner
Wednesday: Left-over surprise
Thursday: Kid food night
Friday: Beth's chicken poppyseed with rice
Saturday: Spinach lasagna
Sunday: Leftovers or out-to-eat

I'm so excited about the spinach lasagna!  I got the recipe after we devoured a pan at neighbor dinner.  Super yum!

Here's the down-low on my recipes.  Enjoy!

*** EDITED:  The original recipe link reverted to last weeks menu... I've fixed it!


Kristen said...

I don't mean to be rude but the recipe for the spinach lasagna is no where to be found...I would really like it...PLEASE!

Anna said...

mmm, spinach lasagna! A vegetarian favorite. :) You might think about making the Good Eats feature interactive somehow. Maybe just comments? I don't know all the bloggy special tricks, but it would be fun to see what other readers have on their menus, too! Then we could all share ideas.

I'll start:
Recently we've had: Baked Tilapia and Salad, Quesadillas, Complementary Pie (like bean and rice bake) with Avocado, Veggie Burgers, and Spaghetti with Veggie Meatballs

Living with Three Boys of Our Own said...

Our no! That's a problem! Hmmm... I will figure out what happened tonight and get it fixed. Right now all of the littles have just awoken from a nap, so I can't help, but I promise I won't leave you hanging!

Anna, I love the idea! I've tried link-ups before and they haven't worked too well, but maybe now's the time to try again? I'd love to know how to make veggie meatballs...that sounds super interesting!

Living with Three Boys of Our Own said...

It's all fixed now!