August 23, 2010

Monday Morning Madness

Time to confess! What did you do this week that you're a wee bit embarrassed by? Come on, it can't be that bad! I'll start...

I have not told Cash (on more than one occasion, no less) to "put his pants on and come inside."  This would imply that going pantless outside is okay, but wearing them inside is a must. I would never do that, it just doesn't make sense.

I did not, on a whim, decide that I should whip up a batch of stuffed peppers from scratch using veggies from PawPaw Cash's garden. I have a perfectly fine dinner plan for this week, why would I challenge myself?

A little smile did not cross my lips this morning when the buses passed by carrying Kindergartners to school. That's just mean! The fact that I get to squeeze my littles for at least two more years does not bring me much joy!

So what's your guilty little truth? Want to join the fun? Head over to MckMamma's blog to see a full list of all the things moms across the globe aren't doing this week!

And since I know you guys would never ask, here's how I made the peppers ... I've yet to taste them, so make at your own risk. What?  Me give you a recipe before I know it's good? Not me!

First I chopped up some of these yummy tomatoes...

And some of these amazing onions from PawPaw Cash's garden.

I threw them in a pot with some ground beef to brown, then...

I added a can of tomato sauce and let everything simmer while I cooked some rice and trimmed up these little cuties.

I added rice and shredded cheese to the simmering mixture and tossed everything together. Then I filled the cute little homegrown peppers, topped with a bit more cheese (why not) and will bake them at 350 until gooey and yummy. Now I'm counting down the hours to dinner!


Raina said...

I most certainly did not spend an extra 15 minutes reading in the locker room of the gym just so I could finish my book with kids still in childcare. Nope, not me.

Anna said...

I definitely did not almost have a nervous breakdown on Saturday morning because family was coming over for a visit on the same day as a yearly planning meeting for our small group. I treasure every minute with family and friends so I definitely didn't consider moving to some other part of the country just so we could have a weekend without plans!

Living with Three Boys of Our Own said...

LOVE both of these! So, so true... or un-true, because you really didn't do those things, right? :)