August 13, 2010

A new favorite series?

I haven't yet read the Twilight series and the kids still seem a bit young for Harry Potter, but that didn't keep them from choosing their own series of books and diving right in.

It's well documented that my kids love to read anything they can get their hands on, and I do too, but their current literary choices did leave me a bit baffled.

We're still on vacation at the lake house where there is a huge shelf full of books, mostly my dad's.

There's a lot of James Patterson, Clive Cussler and Michael Crichton. The picture is dark (sorry, blogging from iPhone newbie here), but you can probably still spot all the kids' books stacked on the bottom right shelf. Next to them is a series of Old West books from Time Life and for some reason, the children have become obsessed.

In full disclosure, I really do know why they are obsessed with these beautiful leather-bound gems, and it has nothing to do with their pages full of text and black-and-white pictures.

Daddy has made up a full set of stories to go along with the photos in the book. There's the Indian that demands a Wompom fee from the cowboys who want to cross the river, the miners that dig-dig-dig their tunnels for days and days on end, and the cowboy who's horse went into an "eating place" (clearly a saloon) to get a bite to eat but instead stirred up a bunch of trouble.

I love watching the kids with their Daddy, but the kids showing creativity through story telling while reading and cuddling close to the love of my life just melts my heart!

Read on kiddies, read on...

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ASC said...

My parents have those books! Fun! Ours didn't come with those special Heath-style stories, though...