August 26, 2010

A question...

We are used to lots of questions. When it comes to being a family with a whole lot of littles, questions like, "are they twins," and "you DO know how THAT happens, right," are a daily part of life. (I actually took the time to sit down and answer a lot of questions here and would love to know of any more you may have that could round out my list.)

While not a question, one comment I do get a lot is, "man, you look good for having SO many kids!" I think mostly they are referring to pregnancies, which doesn't fully jive with our situation. Now that I have rocking new hair, maybe they are referring to that? But primarily I do think it's a statement on physical fitness.

Joining a gym is way out of our budget, but we do the best we can with what we have, which usually means creative thinking and kid involvement. For example, Heath recently came up with this new workout regimen during our lake house vacation.

Yep, that's my hubby! Two canoes, four kids and brute force. Pretty hot!

I tried to join in the fun...

Suffice it to say that my attempt was not near as much fun for the kids. I barely got the thing to move, and he was sprinting across the lawn! Oh well, I guess it's good to have something to work towards!


Anna said...

I always think it's a bit awkward when people comment about how someone "looks after kids." Was heath just trying to keep in shape for the run-mow? :-P Looks like fun, as usual!

Allison said...

I got a lot of those comments when the kids were really young and just came to live with us. I guess I looked too good for having a 5 week old, and 14 month old. Amazing the things strangers say. I even had a few "you know about birth control", right?

That is Rockin' hair!