August 18, 2010

Secret weapon

I have a secret. It's a big one-I might even deem it a super power. It makes my kids eat healthy and is a breeze to make. My secret, dear friends, is oven roasted veggies.

I'd say the broccoli variety are our most favorite, but take any veggie, add some olive oil, salt and pepper then throw in the oven for a while, and I promise we'll gobble it up!


Anna said...

Yum! I love roasted veggies, too. I've read that I can roast veggies and then puree them for baby food, too! Why not get him started right? :)

Anonymous said...

That is our favorite way too! Have you ever tried lemon pepper broccoli (either the lemon pepper seasoning, or just fresh lemon juice and pepper?) it is our fav.