August 10, 2010

Tot School Tuesday

We're still on a bit of a vacation... soaking up some sun and spending quality time with our Daddy.  We are SO blessed to have a Daddy who can buy extra vacation time to spend with us, for no other reason other than him just wanting to be with us.  The super good news?  We're totally smitten too!

But, I won't leave you without... here's a little Tot School to keep you going until next week:

Lately, this Melissa & Doug Alphabet Train Floor Puzzle has become our absolute favorite toy during big brother time.  It was a gift from his play therapist and it's perfect for him!  It has letters AND it's a puzzle!  Really, where could you go wrong?  He's put it together by himself almost every day this week while the littles napped.  It takes him right at 30 minutes, the perfect time to get a meal prepared for the evening.

If you are looking for something fun, entertaining and (ahem) time consuming for an almost 4-year-old, I think you might have just found it!


Marla said...

Just added this puzzle to my amazon shopping cart!! Thanks for sharing!

Katie said...

We love puzzles and Melissa and Doug. How have I missed this? Thanks for sharing.