August 17, 2010

Tot School Tuesday

While on our recent little vacation to the lake house for the week, we spent the day at the local fish hatchery.  This is such an amazing place for kids,  such great learning opportunities and lots of room to roam.

We fed the huge fish.  They couldn't be hungry because they eat tons of food.  See?  They know just what to do: suck up against the glass and give these people a show and you get food.  Nice!

The children refused to indulge me in a group photo, so you'll just have to imagine these two photos together to get a feeling for all four of the lot.
And speaking of lot... there are a LOT of these fish and they are huge.  Here's daddy's hand just to give you a bit of perspective.  To be honest, they kind of gross me out!
We made a quick stop at the alligators... always a favorite.
The kids learned how fish grow from eggs...
to "bitty fish," to the monsters you see at the top of this post.  Fun and educational, always our favorite!


Anna said...

I'm glad I wasn't the only one slightly grossed out by the enormous fish all squished up together against the glass. Just inches away from your sweeties. Creepy. But fun! :-P

Anonymous said...

You are right, those fish are gross.

Thanks for leaving a comment on my site and finding me! I'm so glad to be in touch with another foster-to-adopt family. I was trying to figure out the ages of your children, and whether the sweet little girl was also adopted or in foster care... and couldn't tell..??

We had another phone call from foster placement today - expecting a little 2 year old girl this week - which means I will have 3 born within 10.5 months of each other. I figure it will make it easier for tot school - everyone around the same level for activities. It seems like they all want to do at the same time though -does that I mean I will need 3 of everything?