September 10, 2010

Finding Something New

The littlest of the littles and I ventured out to a new library in our city. It was the only one that offered story time when the big boys were in school and we could attend. We've gone to "our" library for story time since Stone was a baby, so I was nervous that I'd be happy with it. What a great surprise!

Not only does this library have a great story time and a super kids' activity room, it sits adjacent to a large green space and duck pond. Total score!

The ducks were hungry, we didn't bring them food and I think they were a bit upset at our initial meeting. Oh well, I'll remember next time!

Lots of room to roam, and the police station is right next door, making for motorcycle spottings a-plenty. Holden was in hog heaven!

They loved the water fountain....

... And after a quick game of Ring around the Rosie (errr tree), they had worked all of their wiggles out and were able to chill for story time!

Definitely a repeat day!


Anna said...

I look forward to story time!

Those Dandy Dillards said...

Looks like fun! Which library was it?

anna said...

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