September 02, 2010

Happy Birthday Stone

Happy birthday to my biggest of the littles!

Your happiness is contagious, your brilliance is astounding and I couldn't make it everyday without your helpfulness and love of others.

You are a true gift!

But four years old? How did that happen?


ASC said...

I was just looking at OLD blog posts on my blog last night and seeing E and E play together as little tiny babies. When did they grow up and get SO BIG? Happy birthday, little man! We love you!

Tammy Stone said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY STONE! Aunt Tammy loves you lots and I am so glad that you came into our lives.

Anna said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Big Little Man. :) I know my capitalization is out of control. But it is a birthday, after all.

jen said...

happy birthday, big guy! enjoy :-)

Mr. C said...

Truly, how did this happen? I remember this baby. My goodness, when these kids are teenagers I'm gonna be the old uncle always saying "I remember when you were all tiny". Happy belated, little man. I love you very much.

Unca Marc