September 29, 2010

I'm a mess... I'm a mess...

Do you know the Laurie Berkner song? (and will someone please tell me why all of my thoughts lately go back to kids' music?) Ahem...

This week has been one of "those" weeks.  You know "those," the ones where you are ever so grateful that your home is only one story, because, if it were two, you would have jumped out the window.  Yep, one of "those!"

Analeigh left our home on Monday and moved in with her mother.  We're really doing okay over here with that... we've made four dinner plates instead of three a few times, but with the boys filling our lives it's really a lot easier.  I know where Miss A is, we'll still see her some, I'm actually pretty good with the situation.  It's really not the reason I'm a mess...

It seems that lately just balancing has been a struggle.  So much so that I recently trained Stone to help me run down a morning list of items we need before we back out of the driveway.  What would I do without his sweet reminders for my phone and his backpack?

My to-do list is overwhelming, it's not big stuff, just a bunch of little things that need to be done, but I really don't want to do them.  Usually I'm on top of this...but the beautiful fall weather and our ability to be outside in the afternoons has superseded me being any sort of productive at home.

Today, our dryer quit working, the internet went down and my fridge started leaking.  Yesterday, I had a flat tire.  Right now, I think the dog might be missing but I'm too lazy to actually go looking for her. I think that my house is revolting against me!

My computer crashed earlier this week, so I've lost all of my photos for Tot School this week.  I promise we did some learning activities.  The kids are very into their alphabet stamps and we have spent a ton of time outside with our alphabet sand molds.  Stone and I spent a lot of Big Brother time this week playing his Goodnight Moon game and doing work from his Preschool Prep Kits.  The game is a new one to us and we're really enjoying it!  Since we recently moved the kids' rooms around, the boys have rediscovered their play kitchen and cutting food.  Playing kitchen is one of my favorite things, so I'm totally into this pretend play!

The kids continue to love helping me cook (even in real life!).  I really enjoy spending this time with them and like that they have the potential to learn so much while we have fun.  We measure, we use our fine motor skills pouring and grating, its a great time!

I have the winners for the Outlast Giveaway and will be contacting them shortly to send them their sample.  This stuff is really great, and I'm so glad that I could share it with you guys!

I will also have the results of the money spent on my recent pantry challenge.  I think I have done all of the shopping I will need to until the end of the month, but I don't want to put my results out there and then need an emergency run, so I'll hold off until Friday.

And, I'll work on getting myself out of my self-induced mess hole!  At least I've recognized that I'm falling behind... isn't admission the first sign of moving forward?


ASC said...

Girl, it's not just you - it's happening over here too. I have been struggling with this for a few weeks over here actually. Just when I think I'm starting to get a grip, I fall apart all over again! Gah!

Jenny H said...

We are ALL a mess... so don't feel alone! I love your blog and your amazing ability to write things so honestly! Hang in there girl!!