September 24, 2010

A Switch-a-Roo

Little Miss Analeigh is scheduled to go back home to her mom on Monday, so we've been packing her things, and talking about her going home, for the last few weeks. The boys are taking it a lot better than we thought, and Analeigh's mom has been sweet to think of them and include them in the transition.

One of our biggest concerns with Analeigh's departure (as it relates to the boys) is Holden having to room by himself. All of the kids rely heavily on each other and have never been independent sleepers. We spoke with the boys about it and they decided that they all wanted to share a room. The challenge? We don't have "big" rooms, so fitting three beds into one was a bit like a puzzle.

The kids had an absolute blast entertaining themselves while I worked the puzzle. They climbed up and slid down this mattress for a good part of an hour while I disassembled and reassembled furniture.

The finished product is, shall we say, cozy-but also super cute! There is still room to walk in-between all the beds, but it is tight. We have a great playroom, so I'm not concerned with having floor space to play.

I know what you're thinking, why not bunkbeds? The boys have been sleeping in beds for over a year and have never fallen out. I'm honestly not concerned with the bunk beds while the boys are asleep, just concerned with them playing on them. So, we went the cozy route.

I actually really like it, and LOVE that my boys like each other enough to enjoy their togetherness. We'll see how it all works... There is still a bed in the other room, just in case someone feels inclined to party all night!


StarfishMom said...

Looks so cozy! Even with their own rooms mine still sleep like puppies and BEG most nights to have sleepovers with each other :) I say ENJOY IT WHILE IT LASTS!!! :)

jen said...

so sad that sweet little girl is leaving your home. What a wonderful experience to have had her while you did. Best of luck in the transition for you, also!

Anna said...

I'm saying a prayer for the transition. Praying for what's BEST for Analeigh. I shared a room with my brothers until 5th grade. And I loved it! Ours was a little bigger, with the boys on one side, me on the other, but it was great. I was ready for my own room by then, though!

Kylee said...

I love the new set-up! I think it will work out perfectly and I'm sure the boys will love sharing a room. How fun! What do you plan on using the other room for?

Thinking of and praying for everyone involved in this transition. I love you!

Allison said...

Your transition is monday too? Praying for your family too.