September 15, 2010

Young Ones

I'm (quickly) approaching a big birthday, so the "old feeling" moments come quicker than they used to.

Like today when Holden pulled this stunt - and held himself in this position for what seemed like forever. I guess at some point in my life I could do this too?

Although a part of me doubts it...I always hated those President's Fitness Tests they made us do in school. I mean, I'm all for physical fitness, but being able to run a mile in a certain allotment of time (without someone chasing you with a knife, or threatening your life in another way) should not be an indicator of my future success in life.

Although being able to swing from a pole while supporting your own body weight and being able to climb a ladder before you turn two (while sporting so much dirt on your face that you look like you have a black eye) make you quite the genius....just ask Holden!


Anna said...

Maybe he has a career in gymnastics? :) My brother competed for years and years through the program at Heights Rec Center in Richardson. I remember hating the mile runs, too. And the chin ups? No way.

Allison said...

I somehow managed to do the one chin up in 8th grade for the presidential test. Just don't ask me now. And running for fun- not being chased or chasing something. I don 't get that at all.