October 05, 2010

Tot School Tuesday

We're loving being outdoors!  Thank you God for this amazing weather - such a respite from the sweltering heat we've had recently!  We're making the most of it (because in Texas you have to, it might be 32 below or 115 tomorrow)... this week we did the arboretum and spent some time at the park.  We've gone on many a nature walk and the boys just soak every minute of it up.  Watching them learn, and seeing the world through their eyes, is such a gift!

While at the arboretum, Cash took some time to pull out the tape measure and polish up his math skills.  He loved checking the size of each pumpkin and we talked a lot with all of the boys about weight and height.  We also introduced the word circumference (they LOVED that word!) and arranged a few pumpkins in size order.... just for fun!

The boys also took in a bit of a music program while we were at the arboretum.  They aren't exactly in size order, but they are perfectly cute!

Stone pulled his numbers train puzzle back out this week and spent a lot of time with it during Big Brother time.  I didn't get a picture, but he also likes to let Cash and Holden help.  Holden totally shocked me this week by counting to 20 on his own and performing some pretty good 1-1 counting.  Such a smartie!

Other Big Brother activities this week included our Grasshopper kits, Goodnight Moon game, many rounds of Cranium and multiple readings of Higher Higher! and Flotsom.  The last two were library books that WILL be on our Christmas list.  Both are totally open ended and Stone can read them himself.  The boys love books with bright photos and are so creative in making up their own stories to go along, especially Cash...he even gets into character!

We also pulled our weather chart back out.  I had somewhat retired it through the summer because each day was the same (hot, sticky, sweaty and unbearable).  This is such a great way to get the kids focused and started on an activity.  They love looking out the window and coming to a consensus on the weather for the day!

Our church has an amazing preschool ministry, and this month the boys are super excited about the curriculum.  The discussion has us constantly talking about God and TO God.  We've had a ton of fun learning about God's power and how we can ask him for help and become a superhero too!  We're even wearing our capes!  It's been nice to show the boys that Heath and I have weaknesses too, but with God's help, we are strong, courageous and prepared to help them.  Love it!

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Anna said...

I helped Adam learn about spatial awareness by placing him a little too close to the coffee table. In his transition from sitting to tummy... Bonk! :) Several bloggers I read have raved about this wordless book: http://search.barnesandnoble.com/The-Lion-and-the-Mouse/Jerry-Pinkney/e/9780316013567/ and it looks awesome! Also, Design Mom's blog features a children's book each week. Lots of good ones if you're interested!