October 19, 2010

Tot School Tuesday

 In the last few weeks the boys have really begun to play with each other and do more and more activities together.  It's been so wonderful to watch their friendships emerge and I love sitting back as they teach each other new things!
 Stone helped the little boys put some puzzles together.  He was so sweet with them and really showed them how it all worked, instead of just doing it for them.
 Holden loves his brothers, but he also really likes some alone time.  I'll often find him off in a quiet spot (like this tent) by himself, enjoying a book or doing a puzzle... or sitting in a drawer.
 Of course, alone time doesn't last long around here!
 Nanny and Stone had a blast working their fine motor skills and doing some crafts. Stone loves to be with his nanny and enjoys big brother time with her every Thursday.

 While Cash took a marathon nap one day, Stone and Holden made up an airplane game.  They flew around the kitchen island and had so much fun making airplane noises, taking off and landing.  Too cute!
 We decorated pumpkins this week and I let the boys struggle a bit and work through getting the stickers off the page.  This turned out to be a great fine motor activity and the kids really showed some creativity... sometimes it's better not to be so involved.  This is a harder lesson for me to learn!

 Cash wasn't so into the stickers, but he practiced balancing on a pumpkin... a very vital skill as he gets older, right?

 Our finished products turned out so cute!  I just love fall decor!
 The little boys are really into their haunted Halloween little people set.  Little People are actually one of my all-time favorite toys.  They require children to be so creative and offer great opportunities for parents to get involved and interact.

 More stickers for Stone.  His fine motor skills are really seeing some progress, and his attention span seems to be getting greater by the day!
 Cash and Holden are VERY into pretend play right now.  Cash will play anything dress-up and you can usually find him in the pretend kitchen cooking....
Holden is always holding a Little People person or a character from his Tech Deck sets.  He makes them talk, walk and perform certain activities... I love seeing where they take creative play!

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Anna said...

Good times! Cash balancing on a pumpkin reminded me of the quote I put in my senior yearbook in high school by Thoreau: "I'd rather sit on a pumpkin and have it all to myself than be crowded on a velvet cushion!" Though maybe that doesn't apply to brothers. :-P