October 20, 2010

What's This Wednesday

It's been a little while, but I couldn't NOT let you in on this!

What is this all over the floor of my bedroom, where Stone was supposed to be having rest time?

As yes, there's a prize! Yes, yes there is!

This card holder, courtesy of ItsyBitsyMonkey, can be yours! All you have to do is make a guess!

This card holder is a great way to help you remember that you’ve got gift cards to use up, while keeping them in one place for you to take along.

This cardholder fits standard sized gift cards and/or membership cards (groceries, library, store discount cards, etc.), and it can be yours! Just let me know what this is!


Robinson Family said...

Oh No! It looks like one of your books was ripped to shreds!

ASC said...

Ditto the above comment - hopefully it's not the book you just borrowed from a friend, or a library book!

Kristen said...

It's the book that you were asking about if anyone had so you could borrow it but there was a really long wait list for it! Kids are awesome!!!

Laura said...

Hopefully not pages from the Bible!

jen said...


Allison said...

recipes you have been cutting out of magazines, or articles you were clipping?