November 01, 2010

I just forgot!

I forgot to pay our mortgage last month... it was just something that I never made the payment on.  The money was in my account - at one point I even wondered why so much money was in my account - but I never did the actual bill pay. I just forgot!

Thankfully, the mortgage company called:

Company: "Mrs. Chambers, we haven't received your mortgage payment this month.  You've had an account with us for many years and never been late, so we wanted to make this courtesy call to..."
Me: "Oh Goodness!  I'm so sorry, I forgot!  I'm hopping on the computer now to schedule the payment."
Company: "I know times are rough now, we'd be happy to grant you an extension..."
Me: "Oh, no, I really just forgot.  We have the money, I'm getting the payment to you as we speak, looks like it will be posted by tomorrow, according to our bank."
Company: "Are you sure? We'd be happy to..."

I've had this conversation with them at least six times already and they are still calling, even after they have received my payment.  I know I'm perfect most of the time (hee, hee), but can't they just mark in their little computer that I suffered a mommy moment and forgot!

Do they have that button?

God help them if they call again during nap time and wake a kid up....

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