November 26, 2010


As Americans we have so much, just because we're born here. I think it's so easy to forget to be thankful, especially for everyday conveniences like running water, electricity, central heat and air...

I, of course, am extremely thankful for my family and the friends that long-ago crossed that line and became family, but there are so many "things" that I take for granted daily that I am blessed with. I pray that Heath and I can be good stewards of these gifts and fight the ideas of excess that run so rampant around us. We have a home that more than matches our family size, two cars that work well, a dishwasher, a washer and dryer, an oven, central heat and air...

In our culture, I realize these aren't really "bragging rights," and I'm not trying to brag. In so much of the world so many of the things I just listed are luxuries they can only dream to obtain. I wish I thought of that more often, truly remembering that I have way more than I need.

What if I lived in Uganda, where clean water was not guaranteed?

What if I lived in Honduras, where access health care was not commonplace?

What if I lived in Mondova, where losing a child to the clutches human trafficking and prostitution is a normal?

I pray that this year is filled with a spirit of thankfulness and giving for our family, and I think that the day after Thanksgiving is the perfect place to start!

Use our family's many blessings for Your will God, help us to see through Your eyes so we can become the hands and feet that our world so desperately needs. Thank you God, for your many blessings!

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Anna said...

Thank you for this wonderful Thanksgiving perspective.