November 10, 2010

They're Growing Like Weeds

There's a part of me that gets great joy out of the physical growth of my kids... it means they are getting enough to eat, that they are meeting milestones, that I'm doing my job.  But, there's another part of me that hates the fact that my kids are growing.  Seriously, my baby is two.  Two!

My mom came up to help me a bit today.  I was able to spend a bit of time by myself and also catch up on some housework.  It was nice, and I'm doing much better now, just feeling a step or two ahead of the game.  While she was here, she also helped me take the boys to get their hair cut.  It was long overdue, and now they look really old.  To me, haircuts add about a year to my boys... I know they look better, but I really don't like the older!

I really feel blessed that I am the one who gets to watch my kids grow.  I don't take any of their milestones for granted, probably because I missed a few.  As you know, adoption, foster care, God's call to care for the orphan, are issues near and dear to my heart.  This month is national adoption month, an important time for our country to realize the impact it can make on the global orphan crisis.

I'm not political (I've actually never even voted - you can all flog me later), but I am proud that our President has spoken out and made a proclamation for national adoption month.  I urge you, if anything, to read the proclamation and research for yourself the shocking statistics regarding orphans and what Christians are called to do in response.

I don't know the answer, but I do know that I want to be a part of the solution.  I know adoption and fostering seem big, but you can start small... pray for children in America's foster care system, support families who are adopting (financially, physically with babysitting and meals, and emotionally by listening and offering prayer), support some of the world's orphans through sponsorship programs like World Vision or pack a shoe box for Operation Christmas Child.  We aren't called to save the world, but we are called to do something.  What will  you do?

Kids grow up way too fast.  What will you do to make sure that more kids feel loved, that more kids are a part of a family, that more kids aren't orphans but members of a family and community that can support them and encourage them to become amazing citizens?  The ball's in your court...


Anna said...

Uh oh, a challenge. Orphans have been on my heart lately, particularly since I read your blog, plus two others with adoption stories. I hadn't heard of the adoption proclamation, so I'll check that out!

Kristen said...

Caroline's school is sending shoe boxes. I have no idea what age group to choose and what to put in a shoe box. It's quite the challenge. Any suggestions?

Jenna said...

BRIT!!!!!!! you never voted!!!!!!!??????? we need to talk....LOL

love operation Christmas child.

The health care bill also increased the adoption tax credit and made it refundable which is pretty cool too!

Allison said...

Not sure what this means for us either, but it's exciting. Did you read the power of one? Anyways, I went to that conference in Seattle last Saturday and was very encouraged. It was a faith based conference and what the church is doing to take care of the orphan. Many exciting things are happening! Washington State foster care is a mess, and it stresses me out just thinking of all the unknowns. so glad churches are stepping up.