November 02, 2010

Tot School Tuesday

 We're stepping up our reading!  Our sweet neighbors have let us borrow their Bob Book Sets and Stone has been tearing through them.  He loves reading and the level of accomplishment these books give him really helps to push him along.
 And, when they aren't being read, the books are perfect for sorting.  Hey, a little alphabetical order work never hurt anyone!
 Stone still really likes his homemade pre-school activities better than anything I can buy.  If letters and numbers are involved, this kid is game!
 We're cooking almost every week and I've come up with a plan to help keep the messes and idle time at bay.  I lay everything out during nap time so the kids don't have to wait around (and throw flour) while I'm getting everything together.  Cooking is such a great math/science basic building activity, I'm so glad to get to share this with them.
 By lay everything out, I mean everything... I even put the right amount of eggs out beforehand.  Don't ask me how I know, but leaving a dozen eggs on the counter with three pre-schoolers isn't the best idea.
 Lots of fine and gross motor skills involved in cooking too.  These littles love to stir!

 And they are very helpful when laying out the cupcake sleeves...
 Here's the finished product... which they got to share with their little school friends!
 I've found the littlest of my littles like this a lot lately.  They are beginning to play SO well together and I love standing back and witnessing it.
 I swear I could buy all the toys in the world and my kids would still always wind up playing with the things in my pantry.  I'm not complaining... stacking is an important milestone builder.
 And stacking with paper towels?
 Perfect when they start to topple!  No hard hats needed here!
One last look at our letters... here's our big guy spelling his name!  If he ever gets quiet, this is where I find him!


Maite522 said...

What I love about your posts is the natural way you catch your kids playing. If Katia (turned 2 years in June) sees a camera in the same room with her she either wants to be the one taking the pictures or is running away full speed.

Midlife Army Wife said...

I love it! I often say I don't know why we have toys. Emily would rather play with cardboard boxes and "recyclables" (empty plastic containers, egg cartons, etc) and craft supplies most of the time! Well, except her stuffed animals :)
I'm going to check my school closet tomorrow when the kids are awake (it's in the baby's room) - I might have some books for Stone if he likes the Bob books. I'll let you know.