December 15, 2010

Advent Calendar Ideas - Week Three to Christmas

If you're just starting, you can find week two and week three ideas by clicking on the link of following the Holidays/Festivals tab on the right side of the blog.  This week really starts to delve into the miraculous story of Christ's birth.  I hope you have as much fun sharing these special activities with your child as we have!

Dec. 15 - Create a manger scene with a tent and stuffed animals.  Tear up paper bags for straw and lead the kids in making animal noises.
Dec. 16 - Angels We Have Heard on High!  Make an angel ornament and talk about the angels from the story of Christmas.
Dec. 17 - Holly is a symbol of the crown of thorns Jesus word and is a common decoration at Christmas.  Make some holly cookies to celebrate this tradition.  (I found a great recipe here - almost like a rice crispy treat!)
Dec. 18 - Say a prayer thanking God for giving you a family, just like he gave Jesus a family.  (this is especially special for us - our kids were adopted into our family, just like we are adopted into God's)
Dec. 19 - Read a Christmas book about the animals in the manger. (try The Crippled Lamb, Room for a Little One and Christmas in the Manger)
Dec. 20 - Jesus is the Light of the World!  Make a votive holder by gluing tissue paper to the outside of a jar/votive holder.  (you can find detailed instructions here- and feel free to use a baby food jar to save money on the votive holder!)
Dec. 21 - Help your kids to secretly do something nice for someone in your family.  Talk about how God loves us, so we love others!
Dec. 22 - Ring in the Joyful News of Christ! Use jingle bells, beads and yarn to make a necklace (you can use anything you have lying around, just add some bells!)
Dec. 23 - Make a birthday cake for Jesus!
Dec. 24 - Decorate for Jesus' birthday party
Dec. 25 - Sing Happy Birthday to Jesus!  Retell the story of His birth and thank God for the most precious gift ever given!

Be sure to check out our Tot School posts to see how we're incorporating each activity in our home!

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