December 22, 2010

The Trains

One of my favorite things about the Christmas season is tradition. As my kids get older, I've realized how fun and important traditions are... They truly get better as the kids get older!

We braved some big crowds this year to see The Trains with NiNi and Pop. What fun!

The boys wanted to get SO close to the trains that they fogged up the glass! They loved all of the intricate parts of the scenery and the trains. They really had a hard time leaving!

Their favorite section was a replica of the State Fair Grounds. Pretty cool!

If you live near us and haven't visited The Trains yet, you have until the first week in January to check it out! All proceeds benefit Ronald McDonald House of Dallas!


Paul and DeeDee said...

Jackson gets a car every year from his aunt. This years said Go Rangers and had two little snow men on it with rangers sweaters on! It was on the wall with the hundreds of others but it is fun to search for it every year....this year took a while to find:)

ASC said...

We were going to try to go a few weeks ago, but E was so sick. I'm still hoping to go sometime before it closes this year! Did you get discount tix at Tom Thumb?