December 13, 2010

Your kids eat that?

My kids eat kale by the handful. Yes, kale. So much kale, in fact, that I often have to stop them, because, you know, too much kale isn't necessarily a good thing.

So, how do I get my kids to eat a green leafy vegetable hand-over-fist? Easy! Kale chips!

Just spread washed and trimmed kale (you can use curly or flat leaf kale) into a single layer on a baking sheet. Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with salt.

Place in 350* oven for 30-45 minutes. The goal here is to dry the kale out and make it crisp. Some edges might brown a bit, but the majority should retain the green color.

Let the kale cool (just takes a sec) then store in a zip top bag for up to a week. But, it probably won't last that long!

The big bonus with kale is that it is packed with nutrients but super cheap! I made four large pans of kale yesterday and spent less than a dollar. You shouldn't have to go to a speciality store for kale, and it's a pretty easy veggie to grow on your own-even in a pot on the front porch.

Try it out! I think you'll be hooked!


Jessica Newman said...

Ok - i'm trying this over break with the girls! We need to up our veggies!

Allison said...

I'm going to get kale tomorrow. Not sure why i have always been a little afraid of it- funny for a vegetarian, ha.